In 2014 I began working with Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Youth Media program to help young people of all different ages and demographics advance their media literacy and media production skills. I started by teaching documentary filmmaking over the course of one semester at a low-income high school. Then, I moved into teaching short-form workshops and longer classes for a variety of students in video production, stop-motion animation and photography. Eventually I became manager of the program, overseeing a staff of talented teaching artists who love sharing their knowledge with young people. While managing the program, I continued to teach classes in a variety of formats, including video editing and production classes for adult learners.

In our increasingly connected world, all of us - regardless of age, demographic, background or socioeconomic status - must speak the language of visual storytelling in order to be a fully engaged citizen. I am passionate about advancing media literacy skills for everyone, learning by doing and fostering a safe, collaborative learning environment for any team I am a part of.