Google Year in Search 2018
Original video produced for Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Center for the Arts.

“That’s What You Get”
Studio performance by Jenna Cicero, Joe Wimer
Song by Paramore

The Acceptance Movement
Editor, Co-Producer
This documentary series follows Listen, Lucy creator Jordan Corcoran as she travels to speak about ending stigmas surrounding mental illness. 

“Check Yes or No”
A short film written by Kelechi Urama
Produced by Steeltown Entertainment Project
Amina is a precocious young girl who wants to get her first kiss over with. But at its heart, "Check Yes or No" is more than a "first kiss" story--it's a story about family, friendship, and what it means to grow up.

The Hard Dentist
Director, Editor: Episodes 3-6
An absurdist web series about the fantastical world of dentistry, created by comedians Alex Stypula and Laurie Bolewitz. Shot in Pittsburgh; premiered for the first time at Row House Cinema in 2016.

Photo Story: Franklin, Tennessee
For Matador Network

Happy New Year
Producer, Assistant Director
A short independent film produced in Pittsburgh, about a withdrawn young man who attends a New Year’s Eve party roiling with barely-hidden tensions. By year's end, only one resolution will win.
Winner, Romero of Tomorrow Short Horror Film Contest, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 2018
Official Selections: American Horror Film Festival; Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

Kiss Me Goodbye
Production Manager, Co-Producer
An independent short film produced by Kept Shut Productions.
Shot in Pittsburgh on super 16mm celluloid film and edited digitally. 
Official Selections: Buffalo International Film Festival; Charlotte Film Festival; Blackbird Film Fest

Producer, Editor
A short mockumentary produced in Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Filmmaking Intensive program, 2014. Premiered at the Ethnografilm Festival in Paris in 2015.

Unusual Combinations: Bethany Walker
Student profile, produced for Allegheny College’s Admissions department.

Bob: The Beginning
Writer, Director
A psychological exploration of a very unique coping mechanism.